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Lakers' Clarkson playfully describes Ingram's game-winner with plenty of vulgarity

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(Warning: Story contains coarse language)

Jordan Clarkson needs to wash his mouth out with soap.

The Los Angeles Lakers left Wells Fargo Center Thursday with a 107-104 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, capped off by a 3-pointer from forward Brandon Ingram with 0.8 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter to clinch the win.

Ingram was left wide open on the perimeter, and following a feed from rookie Lonzo Ball, it was basically automatic. Clarkson’s description of the final possession in the locker room afterward was perhaps just as memorable as the bucket itself, and definitely more vulgar.

“Sh-t, that motherf—er was wide open. He better shoot that motherf—er. If you ain’t shoot that sh-t, I might’ve slapped them worms right off your motherf—ing head,” said Clarkson, playfully, according to Lakers Nation’s Serena Winters.

He eventually chimed in with a response more suitable for work, praising Ingram for the growth he continues to show.

“It’s all confidence … big for him, he put in a lot of work this summer, so it’s good to see it come together,” added Clarkson. “That’s my dog growing up right in front of my arms, that’s my young boy right there.”

Ingram had 21 points, seven boards, and six assists for the Lakers, who improved to 9-15 on the season, while ending their five-game losing streak.

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