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DeRozan on referees' controversial final call: It feels like 'playing 5-on-8'

DeMar DeRozan doesn’t think the Raptors got a fair fight.

After falling just two points short of the Golden State Warriors in Saturday night’s marquee matchup – nearly completing an incredible 27-point comeback – the Raptors’ three-time All-Star didn’t mince words when it came to appraising the officials.

“It’s frustrating, being out there feeling like you’re playing 5-on-8,” DeRozan told reporters after the game. “It’s just what it felt like, period. Some of those calls were terrible, period.”

DeRozan was particularly incredulous about a late decision by the officials in the game’s dying seconds – one that might’ve given the Raptors a chance to tie the game.

After scrambling for a loose ball, the referees initially indicated that the ball went out of bounds off Stephen Curry with one second remaining on the clock. However, while reviewing the play, the officials rewound the footage and determined they had missed an earlier call that would have reverted possession to the Warriors: With three seconds on the clock, the ball briefly made contact with DeRozan’s leg while he lay on the floor with part of his body out of bounds.

“I thought you couldn’t even do that,” DeRozan said of the official’s decision to review beyond the originally disputed call. “I’m not even a referee and I know that rule. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.”

For what it’s worth, the Raptors received some backup from Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on the matter:

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